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​​Our Philosophy


Love, Education and Unity abides here at Elite Children Learning Center. We strongly believe that these three keys are the success of your litte one's life. Here at Elite Children we have an abudance amount of love, along with knowing the importance of Early Learning and Development skills. By simply implenting all three keys into our policy we continue to build a stronger foundation with the children and families in our care.

In order to reach the goals set in place for your little one, ECLC will provide a nuturing environment as well as a curriculum that focuses on their Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Language & Physical developmental skills.  

Quality Childcare 


Providing the highest level of childcare requires skill, resources and years of experience. ECLC offers children a unique early educational experience in a safe, and supportive environment.




Young children learn best when they are directly involved in exploring their environment through play. Classrooms are classified into learning areas that guide children into self initiated discoveries. A vairety of activites, promoting socialization and creative self-expression, encouraging each child to grow in his or her own way. We provide a warm and nuturing environment where children can learn and be happy. Children experience active and quiet play, indoor and outdoor activities, arts and crafts, literacy activities, dramatic play,games, block building, exploring, resting, discovering, experimenting and questioning. Multicultural activites are also an imporatnt component in our curriculum. ECLC has also recently added "Baby Sign Language" to our curriculum, finding that both our children and parents truly enjoy this new way of communication. Our staff work closely with our parents to better understand each child's individual needs and abilites. With the range of programs available, ECLC becomes a second home for families, as children grow progressing from one program to the next, allowing ECLC to provide a suport structure for families in which we are commited to.

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