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Private Pre-K


Pre-Kindergarten & K-Readiness:Your child is approaching an exciting milestone and the adventure of a lifetime! Our fun and challenging Pre-Kindergarten program is designed specifically to promote his readiness for learning, assurance in social situations and a mastery of many fine and gross motor skills; all of which will benefit him when he moves into the school arena. Our skilled and nurturing teachers will offer a variety of both independent and cooperative learning opportunities as well as provide for generous outdoor playtime to ensure his future academic success.



Mastering Skills: Your Pre-Kindergartner cognitive skills will be enriched through a variety of challenging math, science, social studies and literacy activities that will take place within our program’s predictable yet flexible daily schedule. Because school readiness means more than a basic knowledge of language, letters and numbers, your child will participate in activities and lessons that will enrich all developmental areas: physical, cognitive, social and emotional competence.



Enthusiastic and Confident Learner: Being an enthusiastic learner is one of the greatest predictors of academic success. Our Pre-Kindergarten program has been designed to specifically so that your child can investigate, explore, ask questions and take initiative for learning about the world. Our warm and educationally focused classrooms will allow him to persist in hands-on math, science and social studies activities that interest him and arouse his natural curiosity. His self-confidence will soar as he is given ample opportunities to make decisions about what materials to use and when to use them. Our teachers will be there to guide, support and challenge him, answer his questions and nurture his love for learning.




Oral-Language Skill Development: Research has shown that future reading success is directly tied to a well developed oral-vocabulary. Throughout the Pre-Kindergarten year, we will provide a multitude of opportunities and activities designed to not only increase your child’s vocabulary and improve his listening skills but also to present him with wide background knowledge about our world. His teachers will engage him in rich and interesting conversations all through the day and ask thoughtful questions that will stimulate his thinking.



Literacy Promotes Reading Success: Our literacy enriched environments will provide your Pre-Kindergartner with a multitude of print experiences designed to assist him in moving easily into reading. Activities designed to increase his phonological and print awareness, narrative skills and letter knowledge are regular components of your Pre-Kindergartner’s day, while the Pre-K Word Wall in his classroom will introduce sight worlds and expand his writing skills in a fun and interactive way.


Learning Spanish: The importance of learning a second language cannot be underestimated. Your Pre-Kindergarten will be exposed to the sounds of the Spanish language through a variety of enjoyable listening and speaking activities. Our teachers will weave Spanish words into your child’s favorite activities, songs, stories, games and pretend play throughout the day. Fun-filled lessons will reinforce greetings, numbers, food, clothing, animals and weather vocabulary. In order to ensure consistent awareness and repetition, Spanish will also be merged into our other educational programs as well.





Growing Up Fit: Our unique health and fitness program was created with today’s hectic and hurried lifestyle in mind. In this stimulating and fun educational daily program, your child will not only learn the importance of keeping physically active and but also about good nutrition and making healthy food choices. In addition to a myriad of daily fun and challenging physical activities and games, your child will be able to try healthy, new recipes that he’s helped to prepare as a part of classroom cooking projects.





Computers and Other Technology: Using computers is an everyday component of our preschool program, allowing your child to practice and develop new skills through a variety of language, literacy, math and science lessons. In select Phoenix Children’s Academy schools, children will also experience the excitement of building their cognitive and fine motor skills on a Smart Board–an interactive tool that combines the simplicity of a white board with the power of a computer.











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