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Welcome to Elite Children Learning Center 


We are elated that you choose US... Our promise to our parents is to ensure and promise that we will uphold and abide by all of our polices and procedures. Our mission statement to Love and Educate your child will be at the forefront of our minds everyday that we touch basis with you and your children. We are here to protect and help you raise your children into the futures scholars of Elite Children Learning Center.


On this journey to brightening your child's horizons we ask that you partner with each teacher and collaborate with them to ensure that your child receives the best learning experience that works for them as individual students. Again we Thank You and Welcome you to the Elite way... Below are the first steps to registering your child into Elite Children Learning Center.




 Step 1 Please click the button to set up a account for your child's daily checkin and out procedures. There will be a pin assigned to your account that will allow you to check your student in and out of the facility.  This account will also allow you to view up to date balances and make payments to your account













Step 2 The next step is to now register for Electronic Daily Report sheets. Elite Children Learning Center communicates through an electronic system. This electronic system will allow you to experience some of the interactive activities that we do throughout the day with you child that you may miss out on due to your working schedule. This registration will allow you to recieve electronic 










Step 3 Preparing you documents although you have signed your student up through all our electronic feeds. This is to ensure prompt and an effective experience but in order for us to meet state standards and regulations we will still need you to complete our paper enrollment packet.

*Paper enrollment Packet

*Immunization Records

*Highlight and notify staff of any Food or Know Allergies

*Students immunization records

*Extra Change of Clothes(Label all items)


You are now Ready for the Elite Experience!!!




We are passionate about our families and look forward to you having a wonderful experience with Elite Children Learning Center. Feel free to tell us if you need any assistance during this enrollment process.  Email us at and Let us know what you think about your enrollment experience. 



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